Top Quality Solid Wood Modular Kitchen Furniture Modern Kitchen Cabinets Sets

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3000 piece per month
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  • Warranty
    3 years
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  • Place of Origin
    Guangdong, China
  • Accessories
    Backsplash, Drawer Basket, Drawer Slide, Faucet, Handle & Knob
  • Door Material
    MDF, Melamine Board, Plywood, Solid Wood
  • Countertop Edging
    Flat Edge / Eased Edge
  • Product name
    Kitchen Bathroom Cabinet Set
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    Customized Size
  • Material
    Solid Wood\plywood\MDF
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    Wooden Packing
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    OEM Customized Designs
  • Advantage
    12 Years Production Experience
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Top Quality Solid Wood Modular Kitchen Furniture Modern Kitchen Cabinets Sets

*Our Ulink Furniture Group Ltd is a direct factory with 12 years production experience.
* Your OEM service is accpepted!
Trust you will like our office table and order fast !!!

Specializing in production Office , home and hotel bedroom furniture. Office furniture in table ,chair ,cabinet ,workstation .Hotel bedroom furniture range from king bed , queen bed, twin bed, single bed , double bed , bunk bed , wardrobe, TV stand cabinets, coffee table , chest drawers, dresser, shoes cabinets, also kitchen cabinets.
If any interesting in it ,Pls give us inuquiryment ~any designs and actual products video as reference~

Top Quality Solid Wood Modular Kitchen Furniture Modern Kitchen Cabinets Sets

Quick Details
Brand Ulink 
Color Customized
Material Engineered Wood
Product Dimensions customized
Special Feature Storage

About this item

  • High-quality Material:❥❥❥❥❥The kitchen cabinet is made of high-quality MDF board, which is durable, beautiful and durable. The water-based paint spray painting process can be waterproof, making the bathroom storage wall cabinet very suitable for use in the bathroom.
  • Stable Wall Mounting:❥❥❥❥❥There is a mounting system(we added an extra board to make the kitchen organizer over home cabinet hang more firmly on the wall) on the back of the cabinet to help the good kitchen cabinet hang firmly on the wall.
  • Adjustable Shelf Height:❥❥❥❥❥The minimalist style over home /house /apartment kitchen cabinet perfectly fits the needs of life. Due to the internal shelf can be adjusted to a suitable height within 3 inches, items of different heights can be stored, such as storing sanitary products, toiletries, and sometimes medicines.
  • Space Saving and Dimension:❥❥❥❥❥This kitchen medicine cabinet is designed with a space-saving concept, will not occupy any floor space, and can contribute to your home interior decoration. Dimension about 20.1L*5.1W*22.8H inches (51*13*58cm).
  • Easy to Assemble & Clean:❥❥❥❥❥Coming with detailed instructions and all the mounting hardware,the white medicine cabinet is easy to assemble. You can complete the assembly work in a short time by following the instructions.In addition,the well painting process,making it smooth and easy to clean.

Want to design a space-saving and beautiful cabinet for your bathroom, kitchen or hallway? ULINK kitchen cabinet with 2 doors and 3 open shelves and customized door , this wall-mounted cabinet will bring style to your home. The combination of exquisite style and white color makes this medicine cabinet coordinate with various decorative styles.

Top Quality Solid Wood Modular Kitchen Furniture Modern Kitchen Cabinets Sets
Top Quality Solid Wood Modular Kitchen Furniture Modern Kitchen Cabinets Sets
Company Introduction
Top Quality Solid Wood Modular Kitchen Furniture Modern Kitchen Cabinets SetsTop Quality Solid Wood Modular Kitchen Furniture Modern Kitchen Cabinets SetsTop Quality Solid Wood Modular Kitchen Furniture Modern Kitchen Cabinets Sets

There are a wide range of customized cabinets in the market. It is not easy to customize a set of beautiful and environmentally friendly cabinets. In addition, we also need to understand the purchasing skills, so that we can identify the advantages and disadvantages of products when purchasing.


  1. Do not use inferior and non brand boards


We need to check the boards. Poor quality boards are prone to formaldehyde exceeding the standard. The quality of materials determines the quality of cabinets. In addition to panels, edge banding and viscose need to be treated to ensure the environmental protection of cabinets. Be sure to ask the businessmen which factory they are from. Don't believe that the businessmen use their own brand of plates. 99% of the customized brands do not produce plates! There is a lot about plates. The next one is about plates.


  1. Ask about the composition of the countertop


The countertop only talks about how thick and how familiar it is, but it can't tell the brand. It's the same with the plate. Don't believe the nonsense of the merchant's own brand countertop. The well-known ones in the market are Zhongxun, Sai Kailong, Sai Lishi, Kaiser, DuPont, etc. the main choices are: the content of quartz sand should be more than 90%; Non toxic green countertop approved by NSF environmental protection agency of the United States; The contract promises that there will be no color seepage and no fracture for N years.


  1. Brand and charge of basic hardware


Basic hardware: hinge, handle, air support, especially hinge, ask whether it is damped. If it is external damping, ask whether the damper is charged. The price of domestic hinges is about 10 yuan, and that of imported hinges is about 30-50 yuan (with damping).


  1. Brands and charges of functional hardware


Functional hardware: basket and drawer. The basket customization businesses are not self-made. Some brands directly paste their own basket with the factory and sell it at a high price. The prices refer to tmall. The more famous ones are Hanko, haifule, etc.


Do not use wood to smoke the cabinet. Be sure to choose steel plate to smoke on horseback. Ask about the price and charges (this part is easy to be ignored).


  1. Don't be blinded by event packages and gifts


There are 3-meter package cabinets with brand cabinets, which will be delivered to the sink or range hood when the world decides. The sink, which costs 200-300 yuan to be OEM in the factory, can be bought by hundreds of fierce tmall, and so can the cigarette machine. Buy ambry to want to pay attention to ambry itself board, hardware, craft cost.


  1. Note that the deposit is not the deposit


The best thing is to ask the merchant to sign the contract: unconditionally "full amount" can be refunded after the drawing is drawn. Don't believe those who pay 50000 dozen or 80% off. Be careful with large deposits!


  1. Pay attention to whether it is an independent cabinet


The whole group of cabinets will affect the fastness. Therefore, consumers should ask clearly when purchasing the whole cabinet. The difference in service life and stability between the two is 2-3 times, and the difference in cost is 5%. Consumers can identify by packaging and installed cabinets. If an independent cabinet is assembled in a single cabinet, each cabinet should have an independent packaging.


  1. Ask about the process cost to make sure whether it is covered or not


See the smooth surface (the light of the pit can charge you 1000 more), gas quartz tube, smoke machine cabinet door, under stage basin process, high and low platform, water retaining edge, corner cutting cabinet, back pull block, sealing plate (Roman column), foot line, aluminum alloy laminated plate, L-shaped corner repeated charge, and the door plate less than 0.5 is calculated as 0.5.

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