High Quality Hot Sale Electric Dialysis Treatment Chair at Low Price

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  • Specific Use
    Hospital Chair
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    Hospital Furniture
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    Hospital, Dialysis Treatment
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    Stainless Steel
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High Quality Hot Sale Electric Dialysis Treatment Chair at Low Price

Specific Use
Hospital Chair
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Commercial Furniture
Hospital Furniture
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Blood Donation Chair
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1 Year
Hospital furniture
Medical Furniture
Dialysis Center
High Quality Hot Sale Electric Dialysis Treatment Chair at Low Price
Manual Dialysis Chair
Manual dialysis chair MC-PYS is mainly used for hemodialysis treatment, blood collection or infusion, etc. Due to its small size, complete function and flexible and convenient movement, it can not only save precious medical space resources, but also provide medical services for patients more caring.
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Products Description

Main Structure

Manual dialysis chair MC-PYS integrates many functions, such as sitting, lying, tilting and reclining. Various positions can be easily realized by adjusting the buttons to meet users' different requirements.

Easy Operate

1. Electric CPR function, one button flat, optional manual CPR.

2. The back and legs can be adjusted up and down to achieve a Trendelenburg position of plus or minus 12 degrees

3.The dialysis position with legs greater than 12 degrees can be presented.

Important Quality Control
* European 3 sections ergonomics design
* Baosteel from Fortune Global 500
* Environmental plastic can be sterilized in 100°C,tensile upto 30MPa
* 11 Process epoxy painting, ASTM testing anti-baterial, paint thickness 0.12mm, brightness 60°, paint can resist 50kg impact
* Panasonic Robotic ensure
* 360° full smooth wedlding
* American motor, with UL/ROHS/EN standard. Noise under 50dB, with lifetime 20,000times movement.

Main Product Features

1. Pneumatic and hydraulic adjustment: using reliable gas spring.
2. Multi-position adjustment: adjusting backrest, legrest and trendelenburg position by gas spring.
3. Humanized design: thoughtful design, fresh color, effectively reduce the tension of patients.
Total Length
1960 mm±20mm
Total Width including armrests
930 mm±20mm
Seat Width
600 mm±20mm
Backrest length
830 mm±20mm
Seat length
Legrest length
Seat height
Armrest Dimension
Height of armrest and seat
Chassis Dimension
4xφ100mm swivel castors with separate brakes
400 mm×230 mm×80 mm±20mm
Safe Maximum Load
240 KGS
Food table maximum load
Backrest Adjustment
(-12° ~ 75°)±5°
Legrest Adjustment
(-80° ~ 12°)±5°
PVC leather
Q235 steel
Storage environment
Temperature: -20℃~60℃,
relative humidity: 10%~85%
Operation environment
Temperature: 0℃~35℃,
relative humidity: 10%~85%
Details Images

Manual chair position adjustment instructions and show

1. Backrest adjustment: pull up the handle to adjust the backrest angle; Release the handle and fix the angle position of the backrest.
2. Legrest adjustment: pull up the handle to adjust the legrest angle; Release the handle and fix the angle position of the legrest.
3. Reverse tilt adjustment: pull up the handle to adjust the angle of chair; Release the handle and fix the angle position of the chair.
Note: when operating the manual chair position, it needs the assistance of external forces or changing the position of the center
of gravity of the body to achieve the position required by the user.
Due to convenient transportation, some parts have been disassembled during packaging and need to be installed on site. For specific methods, please consult the customer service of the company. For details, please refer to video installation.
High Quality Hot Sale Electric Dialysis Treatment Chair at Low PriceHigh Quality Hot Sale Electric Dialysis Treatment Chair at Low PriceHigh Quality Hot Sale Electric Dialysis Treatment Chair at Low Price

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