Manual Height Adjustable Multifunction Patient Dialysis Treatment Chair

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Manual Height Adjustable Multifunction Patient Dialysis Treatment Chair


Developing a completely new generation of therapy couches for dialysis based on analysis of recent findings in the healthcare sector and close contact with dialysis centers at home and abroad. The emphasis is on patient comfort, ergonomics, and efficiency. The couches meet the challenge of elevating extensive hemodialysis sessions to a more comfortable level, thereby enhancing the effectiveness of treatment. This is achieved by means of soft new cushioning materials that ensure comfort for hours while maximizing hygiene. Motorized movements to required positions are fast and smooth, while the ergonomic qualities of the five-position armrests are far more flexible and patient-friendly.


Infinitely electronically adjustable, intelligent and easy to operate using the choice and cursor keys of the controlling device: the dialysis chair MULTILINE NEXT DC with 3, 4 or 5 motors offers high seating and lying comfort in any position. From the sitting, relaxing or sleeping position to the emergency Trendelenburg position, the dialysis chair moves quickly and smoothly to any desired or required position at the touch of a button. The GREINER design concept makes it easy for caregivers and patients to use the powerful motors for back, seat, leg section and footrest adjustments, as well as the vertical lift from an initial height of 54-56 cm. Mobile, stable and secure.


Produces dialysis chairs tailored to your precise needs. You choose the covers and cushions individually. Premium covering materials and upholstery offer extra-soft, wear-resistant surfaces; a dynamically flexible suspension system in the seat section supports freedom of movement for the spine, pelvis and hips, thus relieving pressure to the benefit of patients. 


Manual Height Adjustable Multifunction Patient Dialysis Treatment Chair


Specification1.  With IV stand, dining table
2.  Height can be adjustable
3. Back Section:-10°---80°
4.  Leg Section:10°-- -80°
5. Seat Segment angle: 0°-- -30°
6.  Trendelenburg/Reverse trendelenburg: 12°
7.  Max weight :240kg
8.  Three Motors



Steels, Baosteel from Fortune Global 500.

Plastic, 11 Process epoxy painting, ASTM testing anti-bacterial, paint thickness 0.12mm, brightness 60°, paint can resist 50kg impact.

Welding Panasonic Robotic ensure 360° full smooth wedlding.

Electric Motor Linear motor, with UL/ROHS/EN standard. Noise under 50 dB, with lifetime 20,000 times movement.

Chair Cover Optional genuine leather or supebric cover, with artisanal making, comfortable hand feeling

Pillow Ergonomics design removable pillow.

Handrail Upgraded armrest, can be right-left, front-back adjustable. Donor can control universal position.Armrest is R120° concave curve, avoid donor's arm sliding, ensure the donor's safety and comfortable .

Dustproof Base Cover With dustproof base cover, protect motors and lines, easy to clean.


Manual Height Adjustable Multifunction Patient Dialysis Treatment ChairManual Height Adjustable Multifunction Patient Dialysis Treatment Chair


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We are a manufacturer of hospital furniture field for more than 23 years, and began to develop to the global market in 2007, supply hospital bed, table, trolley, stretcher, operation equipment&gynecology equipment. Welcome consult.


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Yes. We have our own R & D department. We will collect each customers’ feedback regularly for product’s improvement and new product development.


Precautions for the use of medical dialysis chair


Frequently check the power cord, etc


Special attention shall be paid to that the power supply and other wires shall not be clamped or crushed by casters or other heavy objects. In particular, once the power line is damaged, it may be burned and leaked, and there is a risk of fire and electric shock.


Do not spill liquid on the electrical part


Do not spill water, fruit juice, soy sauce soup, etc. on the motor, sensor or handheld operator. Otherwise, the dialysis chair will not work or local failure will occur. In case of accidental spilling, unplug the power plug from the socket and contact the dealer.


Do not damage the electric drive operator


Do not beat the hand-held electric drive operator or pull the spring-loaded wire forcefully, otherwise it will cause breakage and damage.


Maintenance work must be carried out after unplugging the power plug


The power plug must be unplugged from the socket during maintenance.


Unplug the power plug when not in use for a long time


When not in use for a long time, the power plug must be unplugged from the socket.


Designed for one person only


The dialysis chair is designed for one person and cannot be used by more than two people at the same time.


Objects cannot be placed under the chair


Do not place objects under the chair. In addition, do not place near the wall. When adjusting the back, feet or height of the chair, obstacles will cause damage to the chair.


Avoid moving on uneven roads


Try to avoid moving on roads or corridors with large steps or sharp bumps on the road, otherwise, faults will occur. If you must move in the above places, move as slowly as possible.


Do not hold the infusion rack to move the chair


Do not hold the infusion hanging rack to move the chair. Be careful not to damage the infusion hanger.


Keep away from fire


Avoid using furnaces and other heating appliances near chairs. Otherwise, it may cause deterioration, deformation or fire.


Do not place heavy objects on the table


Don't put your elbows on the table, and don't put more than 5kg heavy objects or televisions. Otherwise, objects or TVs may fall, causing injury or damage.


The chair with fault and damage cannot be used


In case of failure or damage during use, stop using immediately and entrust repair. If you continue to use it, it will cause injury. Unplug the power plug from the socket immediately.


Do not use in wet places


Do not use or store the chair in a damp place. Metal products may rust. If electrical components are damp, the dialysis chair may cause failure.

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