What Solid Wood is Better for Kitchen Cabinets?

November 26,2022

Beautiful and environment-friendly wooden kitchen cabinets have always been loved by many homeowners. Through ingenious design methods, we can create a diversified and comfortable kitchen environment. If you want to use solid wood materials, such as beech, elm, catalpa, white oak, Amazon mahogany, etc., these are 100% imported pure solid wood, with superior materials and elegance. Here's a detailed introduction to what solid wood is better for kitchen cabinets.




Beech cabinets


Beechwood is produced in the south of China and is not a unique tree species in China. Together with elm in the north, it is called North elm and South beech. It can be seen that beech wood is also a very popular wood.




1. The manufacturing process is simple, and the price is much cheaper than that of rosewood furniture. It is a solid wood product with high-cost performance.

2. It is hard and wear-resistant, so it is more suitable for long time use. It is a good choice to take home.

3. It is not easy to crack, even in a very dry situation, it is still not easy to crack. This feature is very suitable for use in kitchens because the problem of solid wood furniture cracking has always been difficult to solve, not to mention in kitchens in this complex environment. The texture is beautiful and durable.




1. It is easy to bend under steam. The kitchen itself is a place with a lot of steam, but it is not a problem. Beechwood will become very hard when it is dry again, so the kitchen should ensure that the kitchen is dry at all times except cooking time.


White oak cabinets


White oak is not white but brown. It grows in very cold areas in North America, so it has a long growth cycle and is expensive.




1. The texture is obvious. If you value appearance, oak can conquer you.

2. It is hard and resistant to friction. It will not easily deform and crack even if it is stained with water vapor. This feature is very suitable for kitchen use.

3. High grade, which can be said to be a symbol of identity, and high prices, is the most direct embodiment of family wealth.


Elm cabinets


Elmwood furniture has been available since the early Ming Dynasty. It can be seen that it has a long history. At that time, it was mainly used for sacrificial purposes, such as offering tables.




1. The texture is beautiful. All Chinese wood that can be used as home furnishings has this feature. The texture is transparent and clear, with patterns of chicken wing wood.

2. It is hard and durable. It is made of wood that has been used for decades.

3. Elm is not easy to deform in wet environments, and not easy to crack in a dry environment. It is very suitable for the kitchen.


Catalpa bungei cabinets


Catalpa bungei is a tree species produced in the extremely cold regions of northeast China and Russia. It has a long growth cycle and takes at least 60 to 80 years to become a timber. It is a very valuable tree species. Such wood is absolutely a symbol of identity when used as a cabinet.




1. The density of catalpa bungei is moderate, with good toughness, and it will not crack and deform easily.

2. The texture of the catalpa bungei is very clear, but it does not change much, which is a major feature of the catalpa bungei.

3. Wear-resistant, long service life.

4. Good moisture-carrying performance, suitable for kitchen use.