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The eSSSSence of Furniture

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The eSSSSence of Furniture: Number 1 - "SURFACE"

A lot about what furniture is about has to do with "SURFACE". 


Namely, horizontal surfaces that are level. 

Think about how difficult your life would be without the horizontal surfaces you use everyday. 

No desks, no cabinet counter tops, no dining tables, etc.

Life would be miserable because the things we need around us would not be at a convenient height for us to use. 

Sleeping would be miserable due to the lack of a large horizontal upholstered surface. Chairs! Forget about them! 

We can all thank the horizontal and level plane (and gravity) for bringing great order, productivity, and ease to our lives. 

Nightstands, tea tables, work benches, sofas, ottomans, cocktail tables....the list goes on and on! 

I'm sure the early cave-man furniture designer was very proud of the simple "cup board" he fastened to the wall of his cave to keep his stone cup from getting lost! 

Again, thank the horizontal plane. None of what I am presenting here is earth shattering news....


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