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International Workers' Day

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International Workers' Day——Shared by the working people of the world.


May 1 international labor day has been established for 130 years, our country will be a certain labor day for 70 years. Now people a mention of "51" the first thought is a holiday, is where to play the May Day holiday. Few people no longer preach and think about the origin and meaning of "May Day", and even some people do not know how the May Day is now. So, in the midst of a holiday, let's remind ourselves of the meaning of May Day.

Some people say that May Day is to commemorate the workers for the reasonable rights and interests of the holiday; Some people say that May Day is the anniversary of the establishment of the eight-hour work day; Others say that May Day is the anniversary of the victory of the struggle between the working people and the "capitalists". These arguments are well founded. But the author thinks: "51" the essential meaning of the festival is: "respect for people", will god give people the basic right of rest - the right to return to people.

Here, we wish every hard-working worker a happy and healthy life.

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